the toc makes it simple to create, combine, and extend large-scale, high-performance intelligent systems in ways that were never before possible.

Picture thousands of mission-critical, always-on applications running all over the world, each independently developed and fast-evolving, yet all interoperating seamlessly in real time. This is the future—the Internet of Things, smart cities, transparent markets, massive cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, smart power grids, virtual medicine—but it requires more than what’s possible with conventional systems. We've developed a groundbreaking data-oriented architecture for global real-time computing that makes it all possible.

For over a decade, we’ve been using the TOC, our core platform for scalable high-performance distributed computing, to build advanced trading systems for the world’s largest financial institutions. Over $100 trillion is transacted annually across thousands of interconnected systems using our Fintech solutions. We’re now starting to solve real-time problems across every industry.