the toc makes it simple to create, combine, and extend large-scale, high-performance intelligent systems in ways that were never before possible.

Picture thousands of mission-critical, always-on applications running all over the world, each independently developed and fast evolving, yet all interoperating seamlessly in real time. This is the future, but it requires more than what’s possible with conventional systems. We've developed a groundbreaking data-oriented architecture for global real-time computing that makes it possible.

For over 15 years, we’ve been using the Toc, our core platform for scalable high-performance distributed computing and open data access, to build advanced trading systems for the world’s largest financial institutions. Our fintech solutions transact over $125 trillion annually across thousands of interconnected systems.

With the Toc, our customers cost effectively outpace competitors and industry change. They integrate more, adapt faster, achieve bigger business goals, develop groundbreaking ideas, pursue new business models and opportunities, launch innovative products, reach new market segments, drive upsells, and expand their customer base, all while satisfying increasingly sophisticated regulatory and compliance needs.

 Data previously locked away becomes openly available in a single dynamic data repository, enhancing operational control, reducing risk, and optimizing revenue and margins. Future-proof systems adapt rapidly as needs change, sharing data and capabilities across formerly siloed systems, development teams, quantitative research groups, and third-party applications in one open integrated view. Senior management no longer depends on static inaccurate reports, market exposure is reduced, and organizational capacity is freed up to take on new business.


Key features & benefits

  • Patented open architecture supports rich descriptive data relationships and connects modular applications at any client or site in the world to smart real-time data objects that stay up to date automatically

  • Next-generation Lambda data-processing architecture supports unified object persistence, streaming events, and service calls

  • Future-proof systems—rapidly reconfigure and upgrade data objects and applications, obviating the need for prohibitive full-system overhaul

  • Integrate or decommission legacy systems, share data, capabilities, and ideas across business units and functions, significantly reduce support and maintenance costs, free up resources, facilitate business innovation, and accelerate time to market

  • Global integration & rationalization—one optimal platform and API for sharing everything

  • Enterprise Data Repository for persistence of fully audited, normalized data

  • Buy and build—mix and integrate any data and technologies together, whether Broadway, in house, or third-party vendor

  • Toc Bridge routes and shares data across any number of co-located, in-house, and cloud sites, including hybrid deployments

  • Can be hosted as an entirely managed service by Broadway across multiple co-located sites and cloud providers

  • No limits on system scale—built for high-performance global use (users, data, apps, throughput, machines, sites, cloud VMs)

  • No limits on extensibility (assets, uses, verticals)

  • Ultra-low latency—context-optimal caching and communication (shared memory, multicast, TCP)

  • Rules engine for business workflow automation and validation (pre- and post-trade compliance, surveillance, analysis, enrichment)

  • Dynamic views and transforms for on-demand real-time data transformation and large matrix calculations

  • Self-managing—maintains system health and performance, balances workload, and automates application deployment and system operations

  • Secure—ground-up authentication, entitlements, and encryption

  • Open API for total flexibility and multi-environment integration (including C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, .NET, REST, COM, Excel, MATLAB)