Jovana, why did you join Broadway?

I chose Broadway for two simple reasons: its technology and its size. The distributed system Broadway is building sounded really interesting and would enable me to get exposed to different layers of a complex system. Most of my peers debated between two common choices: join one of the big guys, or be a part of the startup scene. Broadway hit the sweet spot for me, where it combined interesting and proven technology, smart people, stability (unlike a startup, you know Broadway isn’t going anywhere), competitive pay, smaller teams, flat management structure, and the chance for a larger individual impact. 

What have you done at Broadway?

I started off in Dojo ’13, which was an incredibly fun albeit intense experience that served as a great intro to Broadway’s products, codebase, team and NYC. Since then, I’ve worked on a variety of projects, focusing on our GUI development and recently becoming more involved with server side components.

I had one large, independent GUI consulting project where I worked closely with one of our customers to build enhancements that would enable them to use Broadway as their central trade management system.

My current project is in the e-commerce space (enabling our customers to make markets for their customers) and is composed of three different components: a third-party connector in Java, our core pricing library in C++, and our customer-facing GUI in C#.

How is Broadway different?

On my first out-of-college job, I realized how important it is to like the people you work with. You see them every day, so you better enjoy their presence! My colleagues are a delight to work or simply hang out with. We share laughs and have internal jokes, but they are also people whom I learn from. I even live with two of my colleagues and schoolmates (although living together is not a requirement for joining Broadway!).

The size of the company makes it possible to develop a tight-knit community. It’s a supportive environment with no internal competition, where I’ve felt comfortable and happy from the start.

I like being exposed to different technologies since problems and challenges we face in GUI development are often quite different than the ones we see in backend systems. I enjoy good system and code design; I always try to have a good understanding of an end-to-end system and how the pieces in it interact. I like to understand the business use case and the need behind each component because it helps us build better products and focus on the things that matter. Projects at Broadway have been complex and diverse enough to satisfy all of those interests.

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