Eunice, why did you join Broadway?

My first job out of college was at a bulge-bracket bank as a derivatives trader.  I found the financial markets appealed to my combined interests of engineering (for all you doubters: yes, you CAN find that in finance) and instant gratification. I quickly learned Wall Street wasn't a place I could see myself staying for the long term. Despite the challenges trading offered, I was looking for something different.   

I knew I’d be pushed to grow professionally and encouraged to learn from some of the brightest in the business. Broadway offers flexibility in your role, so no one is tied down to a “job description”—we're all encouraged to try new things and do anything we believe can help. It became clear to me early on that even as a relatively young and new addition to the team, I would be charged with helping Broadway succeed. It’s a powerful thing: knowing that I was, am, and will be part of each step going forward.


What have you done at Broadway?

The amount of trust Broadway places in its people is unbelievable. Less than a month into my new role, I was asked to go to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet prospective new clients. What?! Here I was, a complete newbie, traveling overseas with the CEO and COO of Broadway to discuss the technical nuances of a future deployment with high-level people at a prospective client. Unreal. Since then, I’ve flown to more places, visited more heads of businesses, and been part of numerous engagements. Now with some experience under my belt, I’m looking forward to what the future holds.


How is Broadway different?

Simply put: the people.

My top criteria was to find a group of people I could see myself spending 70% of my waking hours with. When I was on the trading floor, my day (and in some respects my life) was tied to the markets and my desk, eyes glued to the screen watching prices.  Here, I’ve found a company that truly cares about finding a balance. We have a plethora of after-work event opportunities, lunch-time conversations around a communal table, and co-workers (friends) who are always down for a quick snack break (hello, stocked pantry!).

Everyone at Broadway is friendly and super smart (read: a tad nerdy). People are always willing to lend a helping hand and take time to mentor or provide a quick impromptu desk-side lesson. There’s an “if you want to do something, go for it and do it!” mentality where everyone is rooting for you to succeed. Our management is a really talented group who are leading Broadway in the right direction, and they genuinely care about each person’s career trajectory and progress. Your contributions matter and you can take pride in the work you accomplish.

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