Broadway Technology, a leader in high-performance trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds, is pleased to announce that Matt Meinel, a former Managing Director at UBS, who most recently served as Global Financial Services Strategist at Informatica / 29West, has joined the team at Broadway Technology as Head of Business Development, Financial Services for the TOC™.

"Matt brings to Broadway significant expertise in global financial markets; high-performance, low-latency architectures; and business, strategy, and product development. His experience will enable us align the TOC to the unique high-performance, real-time development and deployment needs of global financial institutions even more closely,” said Jonathan Fieldman, Broadway’s COO. “The financial industry is evolving at an incredible pace. Broadway is on the forefront of this transformation, delivering the industry’s most advanced cross-asset solutions and setting a new standard for global interoperability with the TOC.”

Meinel said, "I am excited to be joining Broadway’s highly regarded team, especially as we prepare to launch Version 4 of the TOC later in 2016. The TOC is a tremendous innovation in low-latency distributed computing. While at UBS and 29West, I experienced firsthand the evolution of electronic trading in foreign exchange, equities, fixed income, and commodities. Every trading-related system I can think of could increase its flexibility, stability, and scalability using the TOC.”

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