Broadway Technology, a leader in high-performance trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds, is pleased to announce that Institutional Investor magazine has named Chief Executive Officer Tyler Moeller and Chief Technology Officer Joshua Walsky to “The Trading Technology 40,” an annual list of the field’s top innovators and visionaries. It is the fourth consecutive year that Broadway appears on this highly-regarded list, beginning with the list’s inception in 2012.

Institutional Investor selects the Trading Tech 40 with input from industry experts, taking into account multiple leadership criteria including pure technological innovation and contribution to the industry at large.

"We are honored to be named to this prestigious list of innovators and visionaries,” said Moeller. “The financial industry is evolving at an incredible pace. Broadway is on the forefront of this transformation, delivering the industry’s most advanced cross-asset solutions and setting a new standard for global interoperability with the TOC™. Our technology meets the immediate needs of top-tier banks while also empowering customers to implement their own unique capabilities independently. We appreciate this recognition from Institutional Investor.”

"We are proud to be included among this distinguished group for a fourth consecutive year, and we share this distinction with the entire team at Broadway,” said Walsky. "We've consistently shown that Broadway's TOC platform quickly and seamlessly integrates siloed systems, unlocking tremendous opportunities for our customers. That's a testament to our team's relentless commitment to transformative innovation. As firms increasingly look to rationalize systems, maximize capabilities, eliminate redundancy, and bring to fruition fully integrated front-to-back, desk-to-desk systems, the TOC is superbly positioned to become the global platform for the industry."

For more information on Moeller, Walsky, and the complete list named to the 2015 Trading Tech 40 by Institutional Investor, follow this link.

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