Broadway Technology, a leader in high-performance trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds, announced today that Chief Technology Officer Joshua Walsky was named to Institutional Investor's list of the top global leaders in trading technology for a third year in a row.

"I am honored to be selected by Institutional Investor to be part of such a distinguished list of innovators. As I noted to the publication, at Broadway, we are committed to building the best technology in the world because ultimately we are engineers at heart and we strive to build something lasting, something that is bigger than ourselves," Walsky said. "This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication and creativity of the entire team at Broadway."

Walsky, 37, co-founded Broadway Technology in 2003 with Chief Executive Officer Tyler Moeller. Walsky drives Broadway's technology innovations, leads all software development and consulting efforts. Broadway's core technology, the TOC platform, is a low-latency event driven distributed data-oriented architecture, that Walsky and Moeller invented and serves to underpin Broadway's trading solutions. Walsky earned a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science with a focus on machine learning and applied mathematics from Cornell University. He holds multiple patents in the areas of distributed computing, trading technology and e-commerce as well as two algorithmic patents.

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