Broadway Technology, LLC, a leader in high-performance trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds, announced today that Tyler Moeller, Chief Executive Officer, was named in Institutional Investor's 2013 Tech 50: "Masters of a Volatile Universe," recognizing the top 50 technology innovators in financial services. This is the second straight year that Moeller, 37, has been named to II's distinguished list of technology leaders.

"This is a great tribute to Broadway and I am honored to be named to this prestigious list of innovators. At Broadway, we take pride in developing ground-breaking software and having the most talented, conscientious group of minds in the industry. With that team, we’re able to truly solve complex and challenging technology problems for top-tier global banks and hedge funds. We are the next big technology company, and are on our way to becoming the industry standard trading platform," Moeller said.

Moeller, who co-founded Broadway Technology in 2003 with Chief Technology Officer Joshua Walsky, said Broadway's core technology, the TOC™ platform, a low-latency event driven distributed data-oriented architecture that underpins all of Broadway's trading solutions, has transformed the trading technology landscape.

Broadway's adaptors provide normalized market data, order handling, and post-trade feeds while still preserving the unique features of the underlying markets. Broadway's industry leading solutions can be easily installed in a few weeks and provide the complete set of capabilities required for trading and e-commerce, including smart order routing among click to trade, central limit order book and RFQ destinations, STP, market data aggregation, spread trading, pre-trade risk limits, pricing and price distribution, and auto/manual rules-driven quoting. All of Broadway’s trading capabilities are accessible via a single multi-asset class, multi-market trading GUI and programmatically via Broadway’s innovative middleware, the TOC™.

For more information on Moeller and the complete list of innovators on Institutional Investor's 2013 Tech 50, follow this link.

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Broadway Technology is a leader in high-performance financial trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds. Broadway's software manages hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions daily worldwide for premier financial institutions. Founded in 2003 by experts in computer science, high frequency algorithmic trading and enterprise software, the company has employees in seven countries with headquarters located in New York and Austin. To learn more about Broadway, visit us at, or contact us at: / tel: 646.912.6450.