Broadway Technology, LLC, a leader in high-performance trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds, announced today that it has launched a campaign to deliver flat-fee hosted liquidity aggregation and E-commerce for foreign exchange (FX) trading.

Tyler Moeller, Chief Executive Officer, said, "With the introduction of a fully hosted flat-fee offering, Broadway is making it simple for a broad spectrum of financial institutions, ranging from large global banks to small hedge funds, to access a single platform with next generation FX trading and E-commerce capabilities. Ever since we started Broadway, our philosophy has been that customers shouldn’t pay us fees related to trading volume; they should only pay for our software.”

Joshua Walsky, Chief Technology Officer, said, “Our new hosted offering will give our clients the best execution across banks and ECNs, combined with a groundbreaking rules-based E-commerce engine to make high quality prices to their customers and a powerful platform upon which to build automated hedging and execution algorithms."

Broadway's complete end-to-end hosted solution runs the same advanced liquidity aggregation and E- commerce technology Broadway has deployed at some of the largest banks in the world. All of Broadway’s trading components are accessible via a single multi-asset class, multi-market trading GUI and accessible via The TOC, which provides a single API for companies to build their own integrated applications, including automated hedging strategies, pricing models, and trading algorithms. Today, Broadway connects to 22 FX ECNs, banks, and platforms, and continues to rapidly expand its connectivity offerings.

About Broadway Technology

Broadway Technology is a leader in high-performance financial trading solutions for top-tier global banks and hedge funds. Broadway's software manages billions of dollars in transactions daily worldwide for premier financial institutions. Founded in 2003 by experts in computer science, high frequency algorithmic trading and enterprise software, Broadway has been profitable every year since its inception, with revenues having grown more than 50% annually since 2008. The company has employees spread across five countries with headquarters located in New York and Austin. To learn more about Broadway, visit us at:, or contact us at: or tel: 646.912.6450.