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Broadway Technology would like to assist in the promotion of our Liquidity Providers to our existing and prospective customers. In addition to currently being identified as a liquidity provider in Broadway’s market connectivity network, our liquidity providers will now have access to the following enhanced promotional resources:

  • Liquidity Provider Database Inclusion:  A dedicated page in the LP database in Broadway Technology’s Knowledge Base (KB), which is accessible by all of our customers and active prospects.  Each of our liquidity providers will have an opportunity to display its logo, provide a brief summary of the liquidity provider’s offering (approx. 50 words) and indicate key contact information such as phone and email details for direct communication by Broadway customers.
  • Prominent Placement on the Broadway Technology Website Connectivity Matrix:  The Broadway Technology website is being enhanced to include a page dedicated to our liquidity providers. Your logo will be prominently displayed and you will have the option to include a summary of your offering and key contact information.

Broadway Technology is excited about expanding the reach of our liquidity provider network to all of our customers and we look forward to working together in these efforts.

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